Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Next Direct Model Competition: Part 2

I know it's been over a month since I posted Part 1 of our trip, so if you've forgotten or have just found this blog for the first time, please scroll down past Emily's video and you'll find the post about the first two days of our trip LA!!

Here are few more pics from Part 1:

After our very busy day on Saturday, we knew we were going to get to spend some time exploring Universal Studios and then "walking the red carpet" at the final party where the winner would be crowned!

On Sunday morning, all of the kids met outside the hotel to wait for the tram to Universal for the Studio Tour.  While we were waiting, our team leaders passed out portfolios containing 2 of each kid's best shots from the photo shoots, so exciting!! 

The Studio Tour was fun and I was able to get some cool shots of movie props and sets.  However, I'm not sure it was the best idea to take a group of 4-7 year olds on the tour as it was a bit scary at parts.  Norman Bates made a guest appearance with a knife as we rode through the Psycho set (creepy!), Jaws, of course, the dark Mummy cave, and the earthquake in the underground subway were all a bit much, especially for the littlest ones and even for Drew at 6 1/2.  He did mostly enjoy it though.

After the tour, we all split up into our teams and "The Penguins" went to the Shrek 4D movie ride.  We sat in a theater and got little surprises while we watched the movie, like being sprayed with water when Donkey sneezed, and "spiders" crawling up our legs when they appeared on the screen!!  After that, we headed over to the Simpsons ride, which is a simulated roller coaster with the characters from the show on a huge screen.  I really liked it, but Drew wasn't feeling so well and didn't really like that ride too much.  Too much jiggling, shaking and lurching up and down for him I think!

Then it was time to head over to the Globe Theater to get dressed and primped for the final party!  Each group was taken in and given their outfits that they had tried on the day before.  After getting dressed, they led us through the back of theater to the hair/makeup girls who were outside just before the red carpet.  Of course, it was right before the red carpet walk that my camera batteries died and I had to run back to the coat/bag check room to get my extra batteries so I wouldn't miss any picture opportunities!!!

They lined each team up and they walked the red carpet and strutted their stuff! The photogs took their pics at the end of carpet like they were real superstars!  Then they had them all go back to the beginning and walk the carpet together which was so stinkin' cute!!  Once all of the teams were finished on the carpet, they got all of the kids gathered together on the steps of the Globe Theater for some group shots of the Top 50!

We then went in to the Globe for the final party where they would be announcing the winner!  They had two female hosts (one a former model and blogger, and Eva LaRue from CSI Miami) who introduced the judges and showed some photos and videos from the competition.  They invited each team to come up on stage while DJ Tony O (from Ellen) spun some tunes.  Drew just couldn't stop dancing on stage and I have the video to prove it too!!! :) 

Drew's Team Leader

Unfortunately, Drew did not win the big prize; a $100,000 educational scholarship and a year modeling contract with Wilhelmina.  The big winner was Savannah L. from the orange group, and they also picked 3 runners-up; Miles and Paige from our group (Yay!!!), and Jake V. from the red group!  All of the kids did walk away with prizes though, because they let us keep the clothes that they wore to the party, gave each finalist a $150 shopping spree on their website, and they eventually emailed all of the photo shoot pictures to us as well!!!!  I was really happy about the pictures! :) 

They also said that if they were interested in our children as models they would contact us within the next few weeks, but we haven't heard anything. :(  I do still keep in touch with many of the Moms from the Top 50 on Facebook and it doesn't seem that anyone else heard from Wilhelmina either.  The runner-ups and the winner did recently go to New York City to do a photo shoot for Next, so that is exciting and I'm waiting to see the pics!

We also got a chance to see my "computer friend", Shannen, and her beautiful daughters, M and A.  Thanks for coming over to see us girls!!!!

Finally, Drew was able to get in the hotel pool for a while before we went to the airport and headed home!  He had been waiting to swim since we had arrived on Friday night!!

Again, to everyone who helped with the grueling voting process to get Drew in the Top 50, we thank you all very much and appreciate your devotion to us!  Drew and I got to experience a once in a lifetime trip together and I know I will never forget it!