Saturday, December 15, 2007

Family photos of everyone together

I'm so glad we had alot of extra family members around at Drew's party so we were able to get all of us in one picture. Hooray!!!! And I especially love these little matching peapod outfits from our friends Lenny and Denise, thanks guys!!!
And we got a few more Christmas outfit pictures too.

Yay!! I got to hold all three "peas" at the same time for a picture. Emily's yawning and Brenna fell asleep. But Carter's not crying in this one!! I still can't believe I carried all three of these little ones "in my belly" not so long ago! It's really a miracle!

Happy 4th Birthday Drew!

Opening presents is always a highlight!
Mom-Mom faithfully made Drew's chocolate and vanilla cake that he asked for - even though she wasn't able to come to the party. Thanks Mom-Mom!!!!
Blowing out all FOUR candles!!!!
Pepe helped Drew try out his new Spiderman scooter from Mommy and Daddy.
We were glad Meme and Pepe could come down from Maine to celebrate with the rest of the family.

I can't believe our little man is four now - and NOT so little anymore!
We love you so much buddy!!!!

Official 2007 Christmas Card

Here's our crew in all their Christmas cuteness!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!

Christmas Card photo shoot [over two days - :)]

Emily's Christmas Card Picture
We tried a group shot several ways . . .
. . .not working so well!
We tried to get everyone to look up and smile.
All ready for the shoot to end!
Brenna's Christmas Card Picture

Carter's Christmas Card Picture
Drew's Christmas Card Picture
Drew and Carter being sweet!
This was one of our top choices for the Christmas card, but in the end we went with the individual close ups. If you receive a card from us, you'll see this photo on the return address label though!

The first snowfall

While the babies were all sleeping, I was able to get Drew bundled up in his snow gear and quickly run outside to snap these shots of him having fun in the snow. We only got about an inch and a half, but it was enough to scrape up a snow ball or two, and make a snow angel!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mom-Mom and Emily
Aunt Sue and Brenna
Great Grandmom C. and Great Grandma G. with Drew and an early birthday present!
Uncle Mark, Aunt Beki and Drew striking a pose.
Miss Emily
and Miss Brenna in the beautiful dresses I got for $1 each at the MOMs club sale!! Score!
Too much turkey for Mr. Carter!! (Heehee)
Drew enjoyed his first taste of wine. (OK, it's cherry Juicy Juice, but he really wanted to try that glass!)
We had the family over for Thanksgiving and were lucky and thankful that everyone brought all of the food to us so we didn't have to cook a thing! Thanks everyone!!! Good times!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another photo shoot

Emily was asleep the first time I tried.
So sweet!
Hi, Em!!!
I think Brenna likes to pose.
Smile for the camera . . .
There it is!
Carter Bear -
with a little smirk!
I can't remember who bought us these adorable matching bunny/bear outfits, but they sure are adorable and made some cute pictures! Thanks!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sister Love

Brenna and Emily -
Sisters and friends forever!

It's pretty clear these two will share an extra special sisterly bond. I'm so glad they will always have each other to "lean on"!!

Some very special Thanks!!

We'd like to extend a very special thank you to Nicole, her husband, and her beautiful triplet girls, in New York, for giving us 43 bottles of Neosure formula!!! This will last us about two weeks and would have cost us over $300!!!! Thank you so much Nicole and family!!!

Thank to my Baby Center friends (who are NOT imaginary!!) : especially Jana, Krista, and Kim for giving us formula, clothes and lots of other baby stuff! And many others who have passed on coupons too!

We'd also like to thank everyone who has prepared meals for us since the babies have arrived. It has been a HUGE help to not have to worry about making dinner for so many nights. Thank you to: Bob and Joanne (Grandmom and Grandpop), Paul and Trish Goodman, Megan and Nick, Andrea Cundiff, some the staff of the After 3 program: Miss Barb, Cheryl , Ashley, Jenn, Dora, Paula, and Charlotte, and some of the Tall Pines staffers. Everything has been delicious!

An extra special thank you to Aunt Sue, who gave me the most beautiful gold and pearl three peas in a pod necklace. I love it!!

And to Judy (MomMom), who has made it possible to continue to have our Mommy's helpers come over to play with Drew 3 days a week.

We couldn't do this without you all and all of our other family and friends, we love you!!

(My apologies to anyone I might have missed.) Babies really do suck your brain cells! :)

Aimee and Gee-off

All smiles!!

Almost a smile from Brenna
"What's Up, Ladies?"
"My Daddy cracks me up!!"
Drew loves Kermit!
"Awww, thanks for the hug!"

So, the trio has been starting to smile! We captured a few, but it just doesn't do justice to the joy of seeing them smile in person!! So cute!
And, of course, Drew got in on the fun too!