Monday, April 26, 2010

He's a Model, Ya Know What I mean . . .

Here are just a few of many shots I took during our AMAZING weekend in LA!  What an experience, so much fun!  They kept the kids very busy and scheduled with modeling "work" and plenty of fun!!

For now . . . .

Saturday morning - meeting the Blue Penguin team members for the first time.  "Hellooooo, ladies!" ;)

Getting his hair fixed - and the photo shoot!

In between rooms at Milk studios, they posed in front of the red carpet banner

The final party red carpet outfit from Next - we got to keep it too!!!! :)

More pictures to come . . .

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A great trip

It turns out that everyone is a winner. Although Drew didn't win the big prize, Next Direct is providing him with $150 in clothes and a portfolio of pictures in addition to all the memories he'll have from this wonderful experience. He and Aimee had such a wonderful mini vacation. Thanks so much to everyone who voted for him.

Saturday Night Update

Next Direct posted 6 photos from the competition yesterday and Drew is clearly visible in two of them.

I talked to Aimee late last night. After the activities and photoshoots, each of the groups of 10 went back to the hotel to meet with the judges. Each child was asked to introduce themselves to the judges. Aimee didn't think Drew spoke loud enough to be heard clearly, which probably wasn't the best impression... The good news is that the judges were in the dance class during the activities and Drew did do well following directions during the choreographed part. I'm sure he had lots of fun doing his own thing during the free dance time, too! He isn't necessarily a good dancer compared to the other kids (I figure most of these kids have pageant experience and dance classes) but he clearly enjoys it. Aimee said that one of the choreographers came all the way across the room to specifically tell Aimee that Drew was clearly having lots of fun and that we should persue that with him now while he is excited about it. (Yeah, like we can afford that!)

After they met with the judges, Aimee and Drew walked over to CitiWalk and met up with her cousin Ryan, his wife Marcie, and their boys. I think they had dinner and walked around, endlessly looking for the Hot Wheels Store which may or may not exist... Aimee promised me a call from Drew when they get up this morning. I'll update if there is anything to add.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday and Sunday in LA

When Aimee and Drew checked in last night, Drew received a goodie bag with snacks and a (very noisy) stuffed penguin. He is apparently in the "Blue Penguins" group. Aimee and he have matching blue shirts. He also received a straw hat with blue ribbon, a blue wristband and white "movie star" sunglasses. According to Aimee he was seen wearing them in the mirror saying, "Right on, Ladies"... I swear, I don't know where he picks this stuff up.

Here is Drew's schedule for today.
8-10 Breakfast
11:30 Depart for Milk Studios

12-3:45 the groups of 10 kids each will rotate around different stations including a dance class, photo shoots, video shoots, fittings and other "group activities"

The rest of the day is free time.

Sunday starts a bit earlier. Briefing at 8:45, 9:15 private trams to Universal Studios and private tours of the studios and the park including a visit to Animal Encounters, Shrek 4-D, and Simpsons Ride.

11:15 Finalists go to Globe Theatre for final fittings and to change into outfits for awards ceremony.

11:45 Finalists to red carpet.

12-2 Awards Ceremony/Lunch

Friday, April 23, 2010

Aimee and Drew head to LA

Aimee and Drew are in Califiornia. Aimee called around 8pm EST and they were on the way to the Hotel after an uneventful flight. Drew was acting crazy due to the time change and being cooped up so long on the flight plus the time change. Once Aimee learns their schedule for tomorrow, I'll post it.

Carter and Brenna played so nice outside this afternoon. It is cute to watch them interact without Drew. I seldom get to see and hear them have their little conversations. It's very sweet how much they truly love each other.

I baked chicken drumsticks for dinner since Drew is not a fan of chicken at all. I beleive his school journal included the following quip, "Chicken is good for some people. Chicken is not good for me." It is good for some people. Carter and Brenna both loved their first try at eating the chicken off the bone and did very well.

Phils are starting late tonight, so I'm off to watch that, then some rest. I have chocolate cake to make for breakfast if I want these kids to cope with the lack of Mommy and Drew another two days.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter: Egg Hunt x2 and Family Fun at home and the zoo!

Happy Easter everyone!

The gorgeous weather, sunny and in the 70s, made our easter weekend so enjoyable!  The boys (Daddy and Drew) had off from school on Friday and Monday and we were able to have some nice quality family time all weekend.

Last weekend we attended the town egg hunt at the park. It was actually very chilly that day, and Emily was not happy about it. But she made it through, and although it was very crowded as usual, the kids all got some eggs and candy. Carter and Brenna hunted with the 2 and under crowd, and Drew and Ann's daughter, T, got to hunt with the 5&6 year olds. Carter ended up finding a few small prize coupons too! Lucky boy!

We went to the Cape May County Zoo on Friday with my longtime friend Erin and her family who were up visiting from the far south! :)  It was so nice to see them.  It was very crowded, but again, the gorgeous weather made the day!

Yesterday, we celebrated Easter at our house with the rest of Gee-off's side of the family.  We even took a risk and tried dyeing eggs despite Carter's egg allergy, because it seems to be getting better. Yay!!  He actually touched some of the eggs and had no reaction!

The Easter Bunny hid eggs and lots of candy around the living room and then sneakily hid their baskets down in the basement playroom. :)  When the rest of the family arrived we had a delicious lunch (brought by everyone else -thank you!!!!) and more baskets and goodies for the kiddos!

We hope you had a lovely weekend too!

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