Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just a little behind . . .

Here are some pictures from March!
Drew lost his first tooth! Actually he lost two teeth in two days. His right front bottom tooth was the first to go and then the left the next day. I didn't get a great shot of his new teeth coming in though. His adult teeth actually started growing in behind the baby teeth before they fell out, instead of growing up under them. The dentist said it would be ok and that the tongue would eventually push the new teeth forward.
One tooth is now in the right spot, the other is a little too squished to move all the way forward. Hopefully as more baby teeth come out, there'll be enough room for all the teeth to straighten out.
The tooth fairy came and Drew was extremely pleased to get a dollar per tooth!

Hoop dreams

This is Emily's newest "thing". When she's had enough of whatever (noise, nurses, exercise) she puts her hands over her eyes very dramatically. Sooo cute!

Our little artist - Carter loves to draw with chalk on the patio. He liked drawing on our door mat too.

I'll get some April pics up soon. The weather has changed dramtically, so you won't be seeing much of the winter coats. Yay!! :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Update on Miss Emily

Lots of good things going on for our sweet little girl who has been receiving many well wishes and prayers from all who know her. Emily's last real seizure was 68 days ago! This ketogenic diet has been a real blessing for her, and although her EEG still isn't normal, all of us are noticing positive changes in Emily. She seems to be recognizing sounds and looks toward the source of those sounds(when she's in the mood!), has been "dancing" in her crib and chair, and has vastly improved head and neck control.

Shown to the left is Emily's "meal" for one day. Pictured is her syringe of micro lipid(FAT-uggg) , and a teeny bit of Gerber carrots and beef. Aimee mixes the meat and vegetable into ice cube trays and freezes it because 1 jar of each is enough servings for 8 days, but baby food is only good for one day after opening the jars. It's way more convenient to measure it all at once and it also saves us about $6 a week!

I am hungry!

Emily also eats during the day with very precisely measured formula which consists of soy based carbohydrate free formula, apple juice, micro lipid, and water. I measure this in one pitcher each evening and then Emily receives it through her pump and tube at regular intervals during the day and through the night.
Our latest challenge has been Emily's bout with the stomach bug, which caused her to not be able to handle the formula, which in turn gave her dangerously low blood sugar. Since she is hypoglycemic, her keto diet was formulated with additional apple juice to help maintain safe blood glucose levels. If it is too low, Aimee treats it with syringes of 8 mL apple juice until it is a safe level. Aimee tests her blood sugar multiple times daily.
The biggest news lately was success after numerous meetings and forms to be completed to get a Medicaid waiver through the community resources for people with disabilities program for Emily to have an opportunity for some nursing care. Two weeks ago we met our first nurse and we have had several visitations as they arrange a more permanent schedule. Meanwhile, Aimee has been adjusting to having another adult in our house who cares for Emily's medical needs during the day while I am at work. Luckily, the nurses are fantastic and are making this transition as comfortable as possible.
Additionally, the Department of Developmental Disabilities granted our request for funding to cover some adaptive equipment for Emily. Our first purchase was a swing that is made specifically for children with disabilities. The fresh air and the calming effect of swinging on the swing set should both be therapeutic for Emily, and knowing she can participate in that simple pleasure with her brothers and sister will be good for her Mom and Dad as well.

This picture speaks for itself!

Go, Emily!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

This year Carter and Brenna were able to take part in the Easter Egg Hunt too.

Not easy getting action shots!

Pretty Little Flowers

The girls' beautiful Easter dresses were made by Aunt Sue (pictured with Brenna above)

The newly engaged Uncle Evan and Aunt Mary :)

Being serious with Aunt Beki!


trying to get a decent family photo . . .

still trying . . .

oh dear, which camera do we look at?????

Got it!

Happy Easter!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter! (flashback)

Since I have been so bad at updating lately, I thought I'd better post something, so here's last year's Easter post. Enjoy. :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Coming soon . . .

an update! :)

I'm sorry I've been MIA lately, but the sickies just really threw me for a loop! Everyone, including Emily, is feeling better now. Thank goodness.

I will have pictures to share next post too.

Keep reading! Thanks!