Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday to Carter, Brenna, and Emily!!!

I realize that everyone says this, but how did this happen?? 2 YEARS have gone by since the day I gave birth to these three amazing babies. We welcomed them into the world at 8:44, 8:45, and 8:46 pm on Saturday, August 18, 2007. It's a day we'll never forget. Drew officially became a big brother, and we became the proud parents of four. :)
Now they are 2!
When we came home from Maine, we had a party in their honor with the Gollihur side of the family.
The big two year olds with Mommy

Sweet little cupcake, Emily

Fun with tissue paper and a picnic table ;)

Brothers coloring - awwww!

"Bday" girl Brenna

(who loved the balloon so much that she ran back and forth at least 20 times saying

"Mommy, buh-fly, bayoon, WOW!")

Road Trip - Part 5

During our last days in Maine, we swam some more, went to the park, and enjoyed our time with the family.
Here's Meme giving Brenna swimming lessons.

Drew posing with the Unity moose :)

Brenna at the park

Meme and the grandkids (Emily was with Pepe) at Unity Pond, tossing rocks.

Playing Hangman

And that's all folks!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Road Trip - Part 4

After a day shopping in Bangor, we decided to head back the following day to play at the Children's Discovery Museum. There were 3 floors (all handicapped/stroller accessible!) and we had a blast exploring all of the exhibits.
Meme and Pepe with Emily in the art area

Drew, Carter, Brenna, and Daddy making a design on the huge Lite Brite!

The "Goodnight Moon" room - how cute!! They even had a bowl full of mush. :)

Mommy and Em

Aunt Nicole and Sierra fishin'

Road Trip - Part 3

Happy 2nd Birthday to Brenna, Emily, and Carter!!!
The babies' actual birthday was one of the days we were in Maine, so, of course, we had to celebrate! We researched ice cream cakes, since Carter is allergic to egg whites and found a Friendly's (or was it Carvel?) cake that was safe. Hooray! We all enoyed it and even Emily had a teeny tiny taste (but don't tell her docs - ice cream cake is definitely NOT on the ketogenic diet approved list)

(Again, Blogger is being a pain! I tried to switch these next two pics, but I couldn't!)
They were kissing Emily first while waiting for cake . . .
and then . . .

Here are the best shots from the annual front porch photo shoot.

Meme and Pepe with all the grandkids - that's my niece, Sierra, with Emily.

Meme and Pepe with the Gollihur kids

Friday, September 11, 2009

Road trip - Part 2

**Posts will now have no more than 5 pictures - Blogger is such a pain!**
We spent a lot of time swimming at Meme and Pepe's. Did I mention it was hot? ;)
Drew loved showing off his new swimming skills in the big pool and the little ones loved splashing around in the baby pool and being sprayed by Pepe too!

Meme and Pepe gave the babies their Birthday presents, a pink school bus for Brenna, a Little People car wash set for Carter, and a piano for Em, plus oodles of new clothes!!!

I think she likes it!

Drew is still the only one big enough to do sparklers!

Stay tuned for Part 3 . . . . .

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Road Trip - Part 1

As soon as camp ended in the middle of August, we packed up the van and the kiddos and headed up to Maine to visit my parents and my sister and her family. We started out at 4am, and drove straight through, only making about 4 stops, and arrived in Maine 13 hours later! Mostly the ride was smooth, the kids are really well behaved in the car and didn't complain hardly at all. Unfortunately Carter still has MAJOR motion sickness issues and got sick more than a dozen times on the way, yuck! Poor guy, but he is so sweet, as soon as he gets it out, he is smiling again. :)
We had a fun week planned at Meme and Pepe's house. We had a BBQ the night we arrived, and my Dad had painted a baseball field for Drew in backyard! They put up their pool which was great, because it was actually near or above 90 degrees everyday we were there! In Maine!! Even the evenings were hot, but we sweated it out and made sure we visited a few places with air conditioning.
Enjoying some cool popsicles!

Carter actually started off with an orange cream pop and then went for the fudge!

Brenna and Carter chasing the tennis ball by the barn

On our second day, we went to Swan Lake State Park, just a short ride from Unity. Everyone, including Emily, enjoyed swimming in the lake and playing on the playground.

Drew loved being tossed up by Uncle Joe!

Aunt Nicole and Sierra - what a sweetie!

Brenna, Carter, and Sierra stayed close to the lake's edge and had a blast picking up handfuls of rocks and dumping them back into the water. Brenna was saying, "Mommy, rock, wa-tah!"

Watch out for the shark!

Mommy and Carter

I was very nervous about bringing Emily in the water. The only water she is used to is during her bath, which she hates! But it was very hot, and the water was not cold, and she seemed to really like it! Gee-off is holding her in this picture.

The cousins playing in Meme's kitchen

The Carusos

Punch Balls!

Stay tuned for Road Trip Part 2, coming soon . . .