Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another photo shoot

Emily was asleep the first time I tried.
So sweet!
Hi, Em!!!
I think Brenna likes to pose.
Smile for the camera . . .
There it is!
Carter Bear -
with a little smirk!
I can't remember who bought us these adorable matching bunny/bear outfits, but they sure are adorable and made some cute pictures! Thanks!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sister Love

Brenna and Emily -
Sisters and friends forever!

It's pretty clear these two will share an extra special sisterly bond. I'm so glad they will always have each other to "lean on"!!

Some very special Thanks!!

We'd like to extend a very special thank you to Nicole, her husband, and her beautiful triplet girls, in New York, for giving us 43 bottles of Neosure formula!!! This will last us about two weeks and would have cost us over $300!!!! Thank you so much Nicole and family!!!

Thank to my Baby Center friends (who are NOT imaginary!!) : especially Jana, Krista, and Kim for giving us formula, clothes and lots of other baby stuff! And many others who have passed on coupons too!

We'd also like to thank everyone who has prepared meals for us since the babies have arrived. It has been a HUGE help to not have to worry about making dinner for so many nights. Thank you to: Bob and Joanne (Grandmom and Grandpop), Paul and Trish Goodman, Megan and Nick, Andrea Cundiff, some the staff of the After 3 program: Miss Barb, Cheryl , Ashley, Jenn, Dora, Paula, and Charlotte, and some of the Tall Pines staffers. Everything has been delicious!

An extra special thank you to Aunt Sue, who gave me the most beautiful gold and pearl three peas in a pod necklace. I love it!!

And to Judy (MomMom), who has made it possible to continue to have our Mommy's helpers come over to play with Drew 3 days a week.

We couldn't do this without you all and all of our other family and friends, we love you!!

(My apologies to anyone I might have missed.) Babies really do suck your brain cells! :)

Aimee and Gee-off

All smiles!!

Almost a smile from Brenna
"What's Up, Ladies?"
"My Daddy cracks me up!!"
Drew loves Kermit!
"Awww, thanks for the hug!"

So, the trio has been starting to smile! We captured a few, but it just doesn't do justice to the joy of seeing them smile in person!! So cute!
And, of course, Drew got in on the fun too!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blogger frustration!!

Okay, I've been pretty good about keeping this as up to date as I can. But I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to write first and get the pictures under the words. So forgive me if some of the posts seem out of order. I had difficulty with the wedding pics in particular. Uggh!! I'm trying my best!!

A Special Day

The happy couple

Daddy and Brenna at the reception

Brenna, Carter, and Emily after a feeding break

Mom-Mom read a passage during the ceremony.

Almost man and wife . . .

They're married!

Drew loved watching her blow bubbles.

Josh was playing Seasons of Love, one of our favorite songs!

Saturday, November 10, 2007 was a special day for more than one reason.

First, it was Uncle Mark and Aunt Beki's wedding day. She looked stunning and he looked like he couldn't be happier!! Congratulations you two, we're so happy for you!!

Second, it was the first outing for the whole family besides going to the doctor's office!! Everyone dressed up in their best.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Here's Carter in his Halloween attire!

Drew showing off his Power Ranger skills

He loves that cape!

Mommy and Drew (don't mind the dirty baby laundry in the background)

Brenna got into the candy.

Little pumpkin Emily!

We had fun on Halloween. I took Drew trick or treating and he walked a long way. A big difference from last year! Gee-off stayed home with the babies and handed out candy. Drew filled his pumpkin to the top and has been enjoying the treats, a few each day.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Photo Shoot

Brenna's close up

Carter, Brenna, Emily

Carter's close-up

Not happy :)

Emily's close up

We would eventually like to send out birth announcements, but we had wanted to wait until everyone was home to get a good group picture. Well, it is proving to be much easier said than done.

While Meme and Aunt Nicole were visiting for a few days we had a photo shoot in the living room. Here are some of the shots; good and not so good. Enjoy!

2 Month Check - Up

Waiting for the doctor (Brenna, Carter, Emily)

Shots (just for one baby!!)

Brenna after shots

Emily after shots

Carter after shots

So the babies turned 2 months old on October 18th!!! How did that happen?

They had their appointment with the pediatrician and everyone looks great!

Carter - He now weighs 8lb. 11oz. He has a hemangioma (raspberry mark) on his inner right elbow that the doc says should fade by his 9th or 10th birthday. He also has an umbilical hernia which should recede by the time he is 3 or 4. Drew also had one that disappeared before he was 2. Carter had some baby acne that had started to fade. He received his vaccinations as well.

Brenna - She now weighs 9lb. 2oz. She had baby acne that looked irritated, so the doctor recommended hydrocortisone cream, and also moisturizing lotion for some dry spots around her head. She also received her vaccinations.

Emily - She now weighs 7lb 14oz. We talked to the doctor about our concerns regarding the flat sides and elongated shape of her head. He suggested we visit a specialist to check it out, but that it is very common in preemies and multiples who did not have much room in the womb. She could need a helmet to correct the shape of her head, or if her skull pieces have fused too soon, she could need surgery. We're hoping for the best! The doctor also reassured us that her eating issues will continue to improve. Just like any other motor skill, she needs more time and practice. She also recieved her vaccinations.