Thursday, April 28, 2011

A new adventure

Photography has become more than just a hobby for me lately, it's become a passion.  I've always loved taking pictures, in fact, when I was younger I loved an older camera my Dad owned - with it's hard leathery case and a loud "click" when you pressed the shutter button.  I used to pretend to be a photographer or a reporter back then, but I really remember loving how that big and clunky that old camera felt when I held it.

I've starting doing informal photo sessions for family and friends and I'm really enjoying it.  Now I'm hoping to take it to the next level and actually make it a little business.  I'm trying to set aside my self-doubts and just go for it!

Tonight, I've been brainstorming names for my business.  I could go with Aimee Gollihur Photography or Aimee Lynn Photography, but I'm just not thrilled with the sound of it.  Many others incorporate other things I love like music and my family; HeartSong Photography, Fourever Photography, Caboodles Photography, All 4 Love Photography (too Color Me Badd!), and Quartet Photography.  Others ideas were Snap Happy and Ever After Photography.

I don't want to be too cutesy, or too formal.  I also don't want it to seem limited to one kind of subject because I hope to do babies, children, families and maybe even events like birthday parties.  No weddings though . . . yet!

I just love this one that just came to me.

Live. Laugh. Photograph.
But it's taken!!  As are many of my other ideas. :(

Still thinking about it . . .