Saturday, December 15, 2007

Family photos of everyone together

I'm so glad we had alot of extra family members around at Drew's party so we were able to get all of us in one picture. Hooray!!!! And I especially love these little matching peapod outfits from our friends Lenny and Denise, thanks guys!!!
And we got a few more Christmas outfit pictures too.

Yay!! I got to hold all three "peas" at the same time for a picture. Emily's yawning and Brenna fell asleep. But Carter's not crying in this one!! I still can't believe I carried all three of these little ones "in my belly" not so long ago! It's really a miracle!


Adam & Andrew said...

SO cute in those red outfits! I love it!

Nancy, Jeff, Connor & Porter said...

Love all your adorable photos! Yes, it's hard to imagine carrying all those babies around on the inside, much less in your arms!

Misty said...

Love the pix!! Such cuties!!