Monday, November 5, 2007

2 Month Check - Up

Waiting for the doctor (Brenna, Carter, Emily)

Shots (just for one baby!!)

Brenna after shots

Emily after shots

Carter after shots

So the babies turned 2 months old on October 18th!!! How did that happen?

They had their appointment with the pediatrician and everyone looks great!

Carter - He now weighs 8lb. 11oz. He has a hemangioma (raspberry mark) on his inner right elbow that the doc says should fade by his 9th or 10th birthday. He also has an umbilical hernia which should recede by the time he is 3 or 4. Drew also had one that disappeared before he was 2. Carter had some baby acne that had started to fade. He received his vaccinations as well.

Brenna - She now weighs 9lb. 2oz. She had baby acne that looked irritated, so the doctor recommended hydrocortisone cream, and also moisturizing lotion for some dry spots around her head. She also received her vaccinations.

Emily - She now weighs 7lb 14oz. We talked to the doctor about our concerns regarding the flat sides and elongated shape of her head. He suggested we visit a specialist to check it out, but that it is very common in preemies and multiples who did not have much room in the womb. She could need a helmet to correct the shape of her head, or if her skull pieces have fused too soon, she could need surgery. We're hoping for the best! The doctor also reassured us that her eating issues will continue to improve. Just like any other motor skill, she needs more time and practice. She also recieved her vaccinations.

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Kim said...

Great news! Happy growing babies! They look so good! They seemed to do great with their shots!