Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mommy and Drew's Big Date

I took Drew to the Boardwalk in Ocean City over Memorial Day weekend. We had a blast just the two of us and it was a perfect day - not too hot or crowded!
The log flume
Waiting to get on the Go-Karts that race under the boardwalk
The dragon roller coaster

The helicopter that wouldn't go up and down

The green jeep - Drew's fourth choice!

I was so proud of Drew for not having a complete meltdown on this ride. We were waiting first in line for the ride to stop. As it started to slow down, another Mom came and stood right in front of us with her two kids. So I said, "Oh, we were waiting in line". And she says, "We were waiting too, but we were in the wrong spot."

And then she stayed there!

So I said, "Well, they'll all get on the ride, I guess."

Unbelievable! I must have been absent the day they made the rule that if you wait in the wrong spot, you get a free pass straight to the front of the line!

Anyway, I didn't make a scene because that's not my style. In the meantime, Drew had already pointed out that he wanted to ride in the fire truck (no one was on it during the previous ride). But as the kids were getting off the ride, one kid tried to get in the fire truck for another ride. So the attendant explained to the parents that the firetruck was broken.

I explained to Drew that the firetruck was broken and asked him which other vehicle he wanted. He said the motorcycles. (There were two sets of side by side motorcycles).

Then, the above mentioned Mom says, "Oh, they want to ride the motorcycles too."

Great. Well, like I said, there was a another set. No big deal. Right? Oh no.

As the attendant lets the kids in to pick their vehicles, this Mom has a FRIEND with two more kids!!!! Guess what they run to? The other motorcycles.

Now Drew almost got there before the younger brother got on the second bike, and the first brother pushed him away!

Drew started to get upset, but I told him it was OK, there was still a "really awesome" green jeep just for him. And he was cool with that. Yay, Drew!

I don't think Drew saw, because it was going on behind him, but the attendant eventually gave in and let that other little boy ride the firetruck. Yes, the BROKEN one!!!!!

I just thought it was ridiculous, but we continued to have a great time and it didn't ruin our wonderful day!

In addition to the rides, we also had pizza, candy and fudge, ice cream (what diet?), and walked in the sand, of course!


Shanna Grimes said...

So cute! So important to have days like that. That one on one time :) We try to do it with each of the kids as often as we can. Kudos mama! I know how tough it is to get away when you have more than a few kids.

Heather said...

How fun! That's great that you had a date with your little man! Looks like he had a great time too! I would have been so rude if that jeep thing happened to me ;)

Kim said...

What a great day! Some people never cease to amaze me - not in a good way! Glad he was such a good sport about it!

Kierstyn said...

Aimee, I came across your blog from Adam and Andrew's blog. What a sweet, beautiful, wonderful family you have! I just spend some time reading through some of your old posts, and wanted to give you a cyber HUG! I have three children, and feel tired all the time. I don't know how you are still standing! :-) Hang in there! Kierstyn