Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We had a very Merry Christmas! Santa came, family came, and our house looks even more like a Toys R Us. :)

Everyone got lots of wonderful gifts, but we also got SICK!!

At Drew's last pedi visit, he was put on Albuterol liquid for his cough that he's had for almost 3 months now. The doctor said he sounded junky in his chest where he hadn't before. But it didn't seem to be helping.

The day after Christmas, Carter, Brenna, me, and Gee-off were all feeling terrible. We went to Urgent Care and Carter got on antibiotics for an ear infection, Brenna got antibiotics and so did Mommy and Daddy for sinus infections.

Then today, I decided to take Drew back in for his cough, plus his nose is still dripping, and he had a bit of a temp on Saturday. Well, the doctor takes a look in his ears and says he's got an ear infection. Then he listens to his cough and says he's got walking pneumonia!!!! So he gives him a nebulizer treatment right there and 2 other prescriptions for an antibiotic and an oral steroid. Neb treatments for about 3 weeks. We go back on Friday for a recheck.

Let's hope the germs go away soon!!!!!! Please?


The Texas Trio said...

Tis the season.... breathing treatments are no fun! I saw on Jon and Kate + 8 they made the nebulizer masks into animals - dragons etc.. to make it more "fun" (tolerable) for the kids.

Happy New Year!


Julie B. said...

Hi Aimee - you don't know me, but I found you from Evan's facebook page. I'm an old friend of Geoff's and a former student of his mother. Please tell him Julie Nogrodes said hello! I look forward to reading about your family. Holy cow you guys must have your hands full with triplets. I can't imagine anyone more suited to it than Geoff though. The last I saw him was at his mother's retirement dinner when Drew was just a baby. Feel free to visit my blog as well at bouffamily.blogspot.com!

Anonymous said...