Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

All aboard The Pony Express!
Little Horsie Emily

Carter galloping around the driveway

Spaceman Drew

Brenna, Grandpop, and Drew

Help yourself! :)

Daddy's Little Devil
(that's what the shirt says - we know she's an angel)

"There's candy in there!"

"Happy Halloween!"

Downtown Trick or Treat

Michelle and Morgan joined us for this year's festivities on Main Street. All the businesses gave out goodies and lots of kids dressed up and had fun.

Phillies Win the World Series!!!!

And we have to show our support! We all dressed in our Phillies best. :)
Emily even got to stay up to see it happen! Lucky girl. :)
"Phillies win! Phillies win!"
"Go Phillies!""Let's see another home run!"

"Bases are juiced!"

"What!! Cole Hamels married that girl from Survivor? Are you kidding me?"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Circus

Since we went to the circus in September, I guess I'll post the pictures now! ;)
A sweet friend gave us free tickets and Jeff and Madison came along for the fun! It was a small circus, but they put on a good show, and it was actually the first time Gee-off and I had ever been to a circus. And a first for the kids too.
Balancing on a chair tower
Doggy slide

Camels and a pony

A light up sword for Drew

Geoff and Jeff

Carter and Brenna had to stay in the stroller the whole time and they were so good!

Emily stayed wide awake for the whole show!

Show some love

Brenna and Carter were so happy to "play" with Emily on Sunday. We had to literally pull them away from her before they hurt her! I missed catching her smiling back at them, but I think you can see she's pretty happy about the attention!

And sorry for my annoying Mommy talk all the time in the videos. :)

A few moments later, busy Miss Brenna had moved on, but Carter had some more love to give!

Friday, October 17, 2008

How's Emily?

Emily had her fasting test for hypoglycemia last week. She, of course, tolerated it like an angel. She's not one to fuss over being hungry, but still, she went 9 hours with no food! After 9 hours, her blood sugar had dropped just below 50, and her ketones increased to 2.6. At that point they took about 10 vials of blood for testing, stopped the fast, started her feeding again, and gave her some sugar water. We stayed overnight and were discharged on Thursday afternoon. We are continuing her 24 hour feeds for now and will get some results at her follow up appointment in November.

We are slowly increasing her Zonegran dose and trying B6 vitamin. She has responded tremendously to the Zonegran!! She has been having spasms about every other day now and the last few times were very mild, just a few small jerks. She has also been doing much more physically. The most amazing thing is that she is now rolling on to her side!! Both sides! She is also holding her head a bit when being supported in a sitting position. She is tolerating more time in her KidKart and rocker chair. She has also been looking/following objects more, especially using the light box. But she also enjoys watching her mobile and the pumpkin reflector necklace I hung on her crib.

This video is from last week and it just shows how much more she is vocalizing lately. While on the Vigabatrin, she stopped making sounds altogether so it is like music to hear these noises again!. Lots of smiles and laughing too! (You can hear Brenna a few times, but it's mostly Em!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Catch Up

Here are some pictures, and, yes, videos (!), I've been meaning to put up for a while!
We went to Duffield's Farm again this year (4th annual) with our friends Megan and Nick and their adorable kiddos Abby and Nathan

At home, after picking pumpkins

Just a pic to show both cars!

Carter's favorite toy right now - measuring cups!

Carter is walking!! He has gotten so much stronger with his walking in the last few days. It took him a good 3 weeks to get to this point since he started taking those first very wobbly steps. Go Carter!

Brenna is walking!! She has been walking well for at least 3 weeks now. Go girl!

Drew and Abby "eating" the huge pumpkins we were passing on the hayride.