Sunday, February 22, 2009

Miss Brenna

She's a dare devil, a curious monkey, a climber, a chatterbox, and a true sweetheart. She is really talking lately, a lot of babbling, but her vocab does include Hi, Daddy, Dada, Mama, shoe, go, dow (down - which she thinks means up), ball, bubble, baba (bottle), no (No), no (nose), uh oh, and a few more that I know I'm missing. She says hi to everything, the pictures on the wall, and everyone she sees. Every morning, she says the same things. When I walk in to get her and Carter, she says, "Hi!". On the way down the stairs she says, "guy". This is a new one and not quite sure what it means yet, maybe sky? When we get to the kitchen, Drew is usually eating breakfast, and she greets him with a smiley, "Hi, D!" And then we get to the living room and she says, "baba!". Time for the morning bottle. :)

Wearing Drew's jacket and Spiderman slipper socks!

In Hula gear at Abby and Nathan's party

Snow bunny

And today, showing Emily her NOSE! :)

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Anonymous said...

Brenna you are so sweet!!! Sounds like she is saying quite a bit!! We can't wait to see them all again. Miss you all and love you.

xoxoxoxo Love, MeMe and PePe