Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Triplet Trivia Tuesday

In an effort to keep me blogging and get some feedback, I'm going to start Triplet Trivia Tuesday. Leave a comment with your answer, and there just might be prizes involved!!!

I'll keep it simple for the first week. And, of course, this is an "open blog" quiz. You can find all the answers in the archives! :)

*You do not have to be the first to post the correct answer. All correct answers posted in the comment section through 11:59 EST on Tuesday will be accepted.*

Which triplet was born first?


Anonymous said...

OH OH OH it was Carter!!

Yay! Lol. I prolly shouldn't have answered so early in the morning.

I love when you update!!


Eryn said...

Yep I do recall that the handsome young lad named Carter led the way for his princess sisters to follow!!

JMH said...

ow ow ow, I know, I know

Carter Jackson arrived at 8:44pm, weighing 4lb 1oz and 16 inches long.

Anonymous said...

It was little cutie pie Carter!! Followed by his two adorable sisters.
Love, MeMe

Anonymous said...

Carter....I didn't really know, but found out via the comments! Creative, huh?