Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Boardwalk in November?!

Actually, we went to the boardwalk in August, but I'm just that far behind with posting the pictures!

Before school started, Gee and I decided to take Carter, Brenna, and Drew to the boardwalk to use up some amusement park tickets. Emily stayed at home with her nurse since we were going to be so active that day.
First, we stopped to enjoy some apple cider donuts. YUM!

I HAD to step on the beach, and Drew didn't mind posing for me. :)

Bumper Cars were the first choice for Drew.

Brenna was so thrilled with this race car ride, it was hysterical watching her! I posted a video of them on Facebook back in August, you really have to see and hear them in action to appreciate the full experience!

They had an "Emily" boat, but we couldn't get it fast enough! :(

Enjoying some lunch after all the fun - Carter



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