Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 5 Emily's Trip

Emily’s Wish Day 5
A conversation with Aimee this morning:
“What are we wearing today?”
“We’re just staying here at the village, it’s a choice day.”
“Wait, let me check my list.”

So it was a choice day for me, but everyone else had an assigned outfit. We were scheduled to do Sea World, but my nausea is really becoming an issue, Drew’s ear was still unresolved, and Carter has been crankier than normal and was sick on the flight, and he tends to be carsick more when he has an ear infection… So we called the urgent care down the street to see if our insurance was accepted (it was) and we went to breakfast at the Gingerbread House after a quick visit with Scooby Doo in the Castle of Miracles.

After breakfast, the boys and I were off to urgent care from 9:30 until 11:15, when the desk clerk told us it was silly to wait in the lobby, the Doctor couldn’t see us until 1:30. She suggested we should go get some lunch. I had a few suggestions for her, too, but I kept them to myself.

While we were out, Emily and Brenna went to the Twinkle Hope’s La-Ti-Da Royal Spa for their scheduled manicures, made their pillows in the castle of miracles, visited the Train Station /arcade and enjoyed some late-morning ice cream.

We shared a light lunch then the boys and I went back to urgent care and then to get prescriptions for each of us at Walmart. We finally made it back at 3:45 and the boys finally could join the girls on Matthew’s Boundless Playground in the beautiful weather (72 and clear)!

We all made our way down for a train ride, games, and a huge train set with individual buttons the kids could press to make the different trains and animated features go.

Carter was so excited when looking at the trains that there were audible bangs twice when he pushed his head forward to look at the trains. Perhaps they keep the glass too clean around here, because he kept ramming into it!

Drew also got to try some remote control boats and some old school video games. For the record, Aimee’s score on Ms. PacMan was higher than mine but she will only play games she is good at, so I think we can assume I would have whooped her in Joust, PaperBoy, and NBA Jam…

Since Emily was fussing a bit and I didn’t really want to eat, I brought her back to the villa and relaxed while Aimee took Drew, Carter, and Brenna to dinner at the Gingerbread house. When they returned, we headed over to the pool area for the Pirates and Princesses Party. Our girls dressed like Sleeping Beauty and were given tiaras and makeup, while Carter and Drew received inflatable pirate swords, mustaches, and tattoos. After all the standard festivities, they started passing out hats, light sticks, noisemakers, and cups of sparking apple cider.

Carter liked it a LOT.

He then showed us what too much cider will do to you.

Then, he said he didn’t want anymore, but in proper three-year-old behavior, he changed his mind, threw his light stick and started crying on my shoulder. Beware future college buddies of Carter; 2am isn’t going to be pretty…


SpectroPluto said...

Carter is ROCKIN!!
*tommy s.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Guys! We love you! Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

The spa and a pirates and princesses party! TOO COOL!!! Sorry to hear about the urgent care detour though. Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Nan is so jealous of Drew. Hey buddy I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, I have read all the books and seen all the movies. Boy would I have loved to been with you when you got your very own wand!WOW! So glad the whole family can follow along with you. Thanks Gee for the blog. It makes me so happy for all of you. The pix are terrific! love to all and feel better!