Sunday, May 15, 2011

Emily - From the perspective of her 7-year-old brother

We met with the Child Study Team and Emily's teacher this week. She'll be returning to the same school again next year and is eligible for a program in July/August as well. We have seen tremendous improvement this year.

Back in October, Drew spent a few nights writing a book about Emily. He chose what he wanted to write and we picked/took photos to match. I don't know why we never posted it, but we think it will be a wonderful keepsake for all of us to see Emily through the eyes of Drew years from now. He was only 6 when he wrote it, but turned 7 soon after.



Anonymous said...

I love this book! Drew is a very special big brother and you can tell he loves Emily very much. Love you all. MEME xoxo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful book, Drew!