Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wingbo for Emily

Aimee found a product on facebook called Wingbo. They make a swing that aims to improve tummy time and we are hoping to win it in a contest this month on the Wingbo Facebook page. The benefits of this swing as therapy for Emily are countless, and it is certain to keep her happy.

The description on their website, includes the following:
"Wingbo has benefits for special needs infants and young children, in particular those with developmental delays. It can be a therapeutic tool for use in institutions and practices as well as privately in homes. Wingbo is recommended for use by pediatricians, physical therapists and early intervention specialists. Wingbo is recommended for developmental delays."

Visual impairments, low muscle tone, sensory integration, and acid reflux are also among the list of benefits from using this swing, all areas for which Emily is treated daily. I also think it is great that they even have a special pad for children with a G-Tube, so the pressure from her button will not irritate her belly and she could actually be in the swing during a feeding (which is more often than not).

The biggest reason we want this swing is because Emily has limited things she can do here at home, so her routine tends to be pretty set once she gets home from school. Sit in her tumbleform chair, roll on a blanket, cuddle with us, or lay in her crib. It would be nice to add something else... especially since her awake time tends to be in the evenings.

So here is where YOU come in...
It is so easy, click the link, "like" wingbo, and comment "Aimee Magnan Gollihur sent me". Emily gets one more chance to win for each unique person that posts a comment. Thanks so much! If you shared this blog post on your facebook wall, your friends could also support this opportunity for our daughter, Emily, who would absolutely love the Wingbo swing. The winner will be selected March 22nd.
Thanks for your help.


Anonymous said...

We won! Thanks for all the support.

Aimee said...

We won! Thanks everyone!

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