Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Big Helper

Saving Brenna from another fall at the changing table (she likes to crawl over and pull up onto her knees on the bottom shelf and sometimes loses her balance)
Naptime with all of his buddies
Drew sharing diamond blanket with Emily
Everyone always asks how Drew is doing being the big brother to three babies, and I always say the same thing. He's really doing great. He loves to entertain them and make them laugh and he's my biggest helper. He gets burp cloths, he brings me bibs, he gets them laughing when they're crying, and more. He's the best big brother.
Here's the cutest story behind the picture of Drew, Emily, and his beloved diamond blanket. Drew has had that blanket since he was a baby and he loves it. Up until just recently he couldn't sleep or nap without it and he liked to have it around most of the time. It is simply called "diamond blanket" and it's very special.
So, when Emily was laying on the floor on her Boppy he went over to her and said, "she must be cold down there". Then he went and covered her with his sacred diamond blanket. I was very moved by this gesture, and said, "Drew, that was so sweet of you to share your diamond blanket with Emily." And he layed down next to her and put his hand on her chest, patted her and said, "I love my Emily."
I said, "If she could talk, she would say she loves you too."
He said, "If she puts her hand on her head or on her mouth, that means she loves me."
Well, Emily very often puts her hand to her head or mouth and right on cue, she did it then.
And he said, "Awww, she did it! She loves me!"
And then, "Thank you for loving me, Emily."

I love that kid!!!

And I have to add, he also dusts, vacuums, mops, and sorts laundry too!!!


Nancy, Jeff, Connor & Porter said...

Don't you love it?? Connor has been a great big brother to Porter too. The age space certainly wasn't planned, but it's really been nice. They are able to be such helpers and it really is fun seeing them interact with their younger sib(s). We are so lucky!

Shanna Grimes said...

Awe...what a sweetheart! Isn't it wonderful to have great little helpers? :)

justineh said...

I am all teared up reading this and I LOVE THE DOGGIE PAWS!!!!

Kim said...

That is such a wonderful story! Brian and Sean have been great too! I wish mine did laundry - can I borrow Drew?

Mom and Wife said...

Awww I love this post!

Rebecca & Nathaniel said...

Awww, that brought a tear to my eyes. Drew is sooo sweet.

Angeltazcuddy said...

so so so very sweet!!! Made me cry!

KRISTA said...

Can Drew come to my house? Seriously though, Aimee---you are one lucky woman. You've got a husband who is nutso, crazy in love with you, a son who is a great big brother and source of comfort to you, and three babies who are just precious. You've been blessed. You have an admirer from afar! big hugs to you!

Rachel said...

Drew is so precious!