Saturday, May 3, 2008

On the Move

Clearly I need to do a better job of writing down when the babies are doing "firsts", because I would've guessed Brenna started rolling all over in late March. But I did remember that I wrote down when she first started rolling on the calendar and it was mid-January!

So, Brenna started rolling in January. By February, she was really rolling all over the place - from one side of the living room to the other. She started rocking on her knees, and she started crawling by the end of March. She is very fast, and now she's started pulling up on her knees in a sitting position and all the way up to standing this week!! She is quite a daredevil and has taken some small spills. But it doesn't stop her!

The first picture was taken after crawling over to one of her favorite things - the dirty laundry hamper. She pulled it right down and dumped it. She looks very proud, doesn't she?

And here she is after crawling over to her other favorite place - the bottom shelf of the changing table. We keep baskets of boy/girl clothing and the cloth diapers which we use for burp cloths. When she started climbing on to the shelf and sitting in there with the baskets, we decided to put one of the baby gates in front of it. So she can't go there anymore but she'll hang on the gate just hoping!

Here is a video of Brenna showing off her new moves!

(The squealing noises are coming from Brenna, the other noise is Carter in the jumperoo!)


Aunt Sue said...

We are all truly blessed to have the Hammonton Gollihurs in our lives and as a very special part of our family. We show photos and brag about all of you anyone who will listen. The joy and love in our hearts cannot be expressed in words. What a wonderful gift from heaven... Boy, am I getting mushy or what!? We love you, Aunt Sue, Grandma and Grandpa.

Kim said...

Great Job Brenna! Way to keep Mom on her toes!

Heather said...

Yay for Brenna! (and oh no for Mommy!) You'll have to tie a bell on her now ;)