Sunday, July 13, 2008

Road Trip to Maine

*****WARNING - There are ALOT of pictures!!!!*****
Here we are at our first official pitstop in at a Connecticut rest stop/gas station. The grassy area was right near in front of the parking spots and we just set up all our stuff and took a break!
Our first unofficial stop was way back in NJ, when Carter threw up about 20 minutes into the trip and needed to be changed!!!!

Brenna and Carter didn't want to keep these hats on, but I got the pic!
So proud - Brenna is walking with the walker now!

We found out Carter is very allergic to EGGS at out Father's Day picnic. Poor guy. Benadryl cleared it right up!

We're starting to see Emily's smile more often!

Who had more fun with sparklers, Meme or Drew??

Unlike the unity candle on our wedding day (ah, memories) these lit up easily! :)

Ready for our road trip to Camden. Hey wait, FOUR babies!?!?!!
That's our cousin Sierra (on the left)!!!!!!!!

Stopping to see the beach in Belfast
Skipping rocks with Pepe

Maine lobster

The weather wasn't quite hot enough to really want to get in the pool. 75 degrees was enough to get Drew and Meme in. And Brenna and Carter took a quick dip too.

Hanging out at the house

Trying to get some of Meme's snack :)

Sierra, Sierra, Sierra!!! We're so happy to finally meet you in person!!

We took Drew over to the park where I took him when we visited two years ago.

Unity Pond

Helping Meme with the laundry

On the way home - we stopped at an IHOP in Mass. (where we bumped into a mom with 8 year gbb triplets!!!) and took a long break.

It was a long trip, but the kiddos were really very good considering. Did I mention that Drew threw up once too, and Carter threw up twice on the way home? Ugggh.
Other than that, they travelled well and we made it home safe and sound. And very tired.
Love you Meme and Pepe, and Aunt Nicole, Uncle Joe and Sierra!
Now please move back to NJ!!!!! ;)


Anonymous said...


The pictures are wonderful!! I miss you all very much and so does Dad. I could just reach out and hug and kiss each one of the children and you and Geoff, too.

Love you and hope to see you in August.

Love, Mom and MeMe

Adam & Andrew said...

What great photos!! Thanks for sharing so many with us! The kids all look so cute. Emily looks great, she has the prettiest skin! And Drew is SO handsome!

Julia said...

everyone looks great!! they are getting big!! Emily looks fantastic! so great to see a smile on her face!!!

Heather said...

Looks like a great trip! Glad Emily is doing better now and the kids all look so cute!

Gretchen said...

A vacation is not a vacation until somebody throws up!! Looks like a great time. Love the pic of Drew on the beach. They are all so cute and getting soooo big!

Kim said...

Great pics. I love the one of Drew from below with the blue sky in the background! I love the picnic at the rest stop too! Emily's smile brought happy tears! Justin loves to beg for snacks too! You cannot even have a piece of gum in your mouth without him trying to get some! Oh, we have the same walker!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

OMGosh! Your family is so beautiful! Emily has such beautiful eyes like my Gabi! I would have thought at first that she had Down syndrome, but I bet you get that a lot!

Congrats on winning the stroller!

Holli said...

I have to tell you, my daughter's name is Brenna also. We named her after my son Brendan and my stepdaughter Jenna. Put them together. I haven't seen the name very often.

By the way, your kids are beautiful!

Anonymous said...