Thursday, July 3, 2008

Still at the Hospital

I thought for sure we'd be heading home Monday. Then I thought the same thing on Tuesday, and Wednesday, you get the picture.

So, it is Thursday night and until an hour ago (it is 10pm), I actually thought we might be able to go home tonight. That's not the case.

She has been doing great with her oxygen levels, but started having drops in her heart rate either Monday or Tuesday (the days are blending together). The doctors weren't sure why and wanted to consult with neurology to rule out seizures as a cause, and also to consult endocrinology to rule out a hormone issue.

So we had a long EEG today - no heart rate drops have been observed.
Then endocrine came and they don't think it's hormone related.


yesterday they started checking her blood sugars and twice they were very low. So then they were concerned about that. She had to skip a feed this afternoon, so they could do hourly blood sugar draws. And they put some cotton balls in her diaper to do some kind of urine test.

Well, her sugars were all OK, and here we still sit with the cotton balls still in her diaper (because "they need to be good and wet")!

We just can't get out of this place!!!!!! We'd better be leaving tomorrow. I've had enough.


Karen said...

I hope your little emily makes it home soon!

Shanna Grimes said...

Awe...I was hoping you'd both be making your way home. It's always hard spending a holiday in the hospital. We did two family birthdays there :(

Hope you make it home soon.

BTW...we also did the "pee pee cotton ball tests" with Kaylee every morning. It's called a Ketone test. It's just a second layer to the blood sugar tests to be sure there are no Ketones in the urine. The body normally uses Carbs for energy. Ketones break down stored fat and burn the fat for energy. If Ketones are present, it just means that the body is not able to process carbs properly to make blood sugar (glucose). My dad was diabetic, so this was much easier when we had to do all this stuff with Kay. Not to worry, it's usually not a problem if the blood sugar is testing normal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily and Aimee,

I am saying prays that today you will be going home.

We love all of you so very much!

Love, Mom and Dad

Julia said...

awww... hope you guys get to go home soon! lots of prayers!

KRISTA said...

Aimee-I can only hope that as I sit here in CA typing this message to you that you are safely home in NJ with your precious Em. Please tell me you are!? I am thinking of you & Emily--and the rest of the Gollihur bunch. Being the hospital is terrible--but on a holiday--it must add another layer of disappointment. I know that Em is receiving the best medical care out there. Update when you can. bear hugs to you!

Kim said...

Ugh! So sorry! I hope you are home soon! Thinking of you and Em!