Friday, August 15, 2008

Comments - A quick tutorial

This is for all of you who are checking in and keep telling me you don't know how to leave a comment. Now you'll have no excuse!!!!

At the bottom of each post you'll see "__ comments" (in light gray). Click on it. You will see all of the comments others have posted and then a box that says "leave your comment". Type it up and then you need to choose an identity. If you don't have a google or blogger account, just click the circle by anonymous and write your name in the comment section so I know who you are. Submit your comment, type in the code thingy and you should be all set!

Hope that helps!


Six and Eight Stringer said...

I still can't figure it out!

Aimee said...

very funny!

Anonymous said...

wow aimee, that was just beautiful!!!! Happy 1st birthday Brenna, Emily and Carter!!!!!!!!!!!