Saturday, August 9, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Runabout Edition*

* Title ripped right out of the reply to my post on triplet connection.

Another guest post:

Back in March, I posted about the Runabout and how I altered it so it would look more like a stroller and less like something you'd rent at a theme park. I felt like I did nice job, but there were a few things that had bothered me about the finished product. Since I posted to , my blog post was shared with the Berg family and even Roger Berg (who Manufactures the Runabout) e-mailed me with suggestions. I was able to fix all my concerns with his help. You can read the original post here:

This morning, I replaced the covers with the gray ones that were on the infant carseats we were using until today. It matches nicely now and is complemented by the the newly created basket that Grandmom made to replace the existing tattered basket. This is the finished product.

The best part about the new seat covers is that they have velcro on the back (which holds the canopy in place) and also clips and elastic at the top which made one less step for attaching the covers to the Runabout. That's right, no need to use Aimee's fancy scrapbook tool, the Crop-A-Dile, this time.

Last time, several people asked me how to attach the seat covers. Since it was even easier this time, Aimee recorded my progress in these three short videos. This information and video will be remarkably uninteresting unless you have plans of doing the same thing with your stroller. If you fall asleep at your computer due to extreme boredom, I will not be held responsible.

This first video shows me taking the cover off. Obviously, not a big trick, but important to see how easy it is to take off the straps if you were to try this yourself. True, it is infomercial fast, but I had done it on two other seats just minutes before!

This video shows the attachment of the cover. No modifications to the cover or the seat were neccessary to attach these. Yes, my watch tan line is authentic, that's what 34 days at day camp will do to you.

The final video shows the removal of the canopy with pliers and attaching it to the stroller seat. Note: I did need to make a small hole on the seat using a drill. I carefully measured and fitted the canopy ahead of time. Be sure not to make the hole too big as it will make this step very difficult. As a matter of fact, if you make the hold too small, it will also make this step very difficult. I guess it might be wise to check the size of the original hole on your carseat with your drill bit.

There it is, my very first step-by-step guide. I hope you enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Geoff, you are a STAR!!!
Looking forward to seeing all of you for the triplets birthday!

Love, Mom and Dad XOXO

Jen said...

This is great!! I am in the process of doing this!

Shanna Grimes said...

Pimp my ride, stroller edition :) Nice job!

JMom said...

This is awesome! My tripets are 4 now, but this would have comes in very handy when we were still using the RA.

Susanna said...

I'm wondering what brand your infant carseats were? I'd like to do the same thing but I need my infant carseats intact so I think I'm going to buy carseat covers & install them instead - but I'm not sure what will fit.
Thank you,