Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

Thanks to grandpop for getting these family pics!!!

Another great group shot - minus one wandering 4 year old!!

Emily's pretty eyes are open!!! Uncle Evan had the magic touch. ;)

Brenna's Easter dress and bonnet

Carter's Easter gear (or is he a newsie??) I just couldn't resist that hat!!!!!!

Brenna really got into her basket!

Carter's checking out his rattle from the Easter Bunny.
Emily is showcasing her basket. And yes, we do take her out of the swing sometimes!!!

We had a nice Easter lunch and time spent with the Gollihur side of the family.

Thanks KIM!!! I almost figured it out!!


Shanna Grimes said...

The pics are great. So adorable! I love the Easter outfits and the St Paddy's bibs. Drew looks like a great big bro. Seeing Emily in the swing all puffy brings back memories. We have the same swing. Yes, we also took her out, but you would swear we didn't because it was in every pic from that time period. You did not want a pic of Kay if she wasn't in her swing :) She wasn't a happy camper.

Sorry to hear that Emily has been having trouble with the NG-tube. I hope she will get adjusted to it soon.

ggollihur said...

I'd like to announce to the world that Aimee still takes my breath away with that smile.

She is an amazing woman and I'm so very proud of how well she's held up during her difficult pregnancy, all of the challenges that come with being a mother of four, and the extraordinary skills she's needed to master to care for little Emily.

All that and gorgeous too. Boy did I pick a good one!

Great job on the blog, Aim. I love you!


KRISTA said...

Aimee--Holy cow--I am practically in tears with G's post to you. Wow. I know how tough twins is on a marriage, so I really hand it to both of you for staying so strong, so in love. Love all your posts. You really caught up Aimee. I love the nap-a-roo videos. I couldn't get over how quiet your house is too! Yes, I know you take Em out her swing, but Nick also had that same swing and he'd cry when we took him out, so it must be comfy! Lots of love to you!!

Laura said...

Aimee -- You have a beautiful family! I am excited to meet everyone and get some wonderful pictures for you.

Kim said...

Aw, so great to have a nice family picture. I cannot believe how big they are!

(You can move pics around by clicking on them with left mouse button and holding it down and then dragging up or down in the post. Also you can add text on top of the photos too - just get the cursor close to the top of the pic and then click on the paragraph centering button. If the whole text centers then you are too close and have to come down a little. You can also get all of the text before the pics if you want two ways - 1) I put the pics in first and then add text to the top or 2) You can copy the text at the bottom and then paste it to the top. To copy in blogger you need to highlight the text and then hold down control while hititng the c key. You should be able to paste with the right click of the mouse button. I think you asked some of these questions before - hope that helps.)

Heather said...

Oh what a sweet family picture! I love it! The girls' ruffly socks are the best, but Carter's newsie hat comes in a close second!

I had to add that Ty used to fall asleep in his jumperoo too- it would crack us up when he would be over there snoozing and then all of a sudden he would be jumping in his sleep! It's just too bad they don't make a toddler-sized one...

TripletsRus said...

Oh my gosh those babies are darn cute.

I found your site from TC. I will check back often.


NeenerNeener said...

Love all the photos Aimee!!! You all look soooooo happy!!! I absolutely ADORE Carter's Easter outfit!!!