Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just a little behind . . .

Here are some pictures from March!
Drew lost his first tooth! Actually he lost two teeth in two days. His right front bottom tooth was the first to go and then the left the next day. I didn't get a great shot of his new teeth coming in though. His adult teeth actually started growing in behind the baby teeth before they fell out, instead of growing up under them. The dentist said it would be ok and that the tongue would eventually push the new teeth forward.
One tooth is now in the right spot, the other is a little too squished to move all the way forward. Hopefully as more baby teeth come out, there'll be enough room for all the teeth to straighten out.
The tooth fairy came and Drew was extremely pleased to get a dollar per tooth!

Hoop dreams

This is Emily's newest "thing". When she's had enough of whatever (noise, nurses, exercise) she puts her hands over her eyes very dramatically. Sooo cute!

Our little artist - Carter loves to draw with chalk on the patio. He liked drawing on our door mat too.

I'll get some April pics up soon. The weather has changed dramtically, so you won't be seeing much of the winter coats. Yay!! :)

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jenyphrc said...

look at miss Em.. the drama queen extraordinaire already! And YAY for the better/warmer weather!!