Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tee ball

Drew started Tee Ball a few weeks ago and LOVES it. He's about as (in)attentive as most of the first year players, but is so excited to wear a uniform and make a play. He has played in two games and his coach is an excellent teacher.
Personally, I love the noncompetitive nature at this age, but yesterday I watched Drew call strikes from right field on a girl who kept hitting the tee. After the third, he shouts, "Out! Three strikes!" and said something to the boy next to him. Then, he did a quick spin and started redigging the hole he'd been working on.

This is a rare photo of carter and Brenna NOT screaming and whining during the game. It was decided after the first game that Aimee and I would take turns going to the game and the other staying home with Emily and the Terrors.

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