Friday, September 11, 2009

Road trip - Part 2

**Posts will now have no more than 5 pictures - Blogger is such a pain!**
We spent a lot of time swimming at Meme and Pepe's. Did I mention it was hot? ;)
Drew loved showing off his new swimming skills in the big pool and the little ones loved splashing around in the baby pool and being sprayed by Pepe too!

Meme and Pepe gave the babies their Birthday presents, a pink school bus for Brenna, a Little People car wash set for Carter, and a piano for Em, plus oodles of new clothes!!!

I think she likes it!

Drew is still the only one big enough to do sparklers!

Stay tuned for Part 3 . . . . .

1 comment:

Monte & Wendy said...

Great pictures, Aim!!! I love those kiddos! I only wish we could have a family get-together every week, so I could hug and squeeze them all the time! Love you all and miss you! MOM
PS I clicked on a few of the professional shots, just to see what they would cost. Forget about it!