Monday, May 25, 2009

Starting over.

Friday night, day 103.

I noticed Emily making some familiar rhythmic motions with her arms. When I peeked in to get a closer look, sure enough, she was having spasms. Ugggh! They were very mild, but lasted almost 10 minutes.

But that's all. So we are now 3 days seizure free.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Celebrating 100 days!!!

Today marks a huge milestone for our little angel, 100 days seizure FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This diet has been everything we'd hoped it would be, but I really never truly believed it would work!

Emily started the ketogenic diet in January, and after a rough start with very low blood sugars and getting a stomach bug during the diet admission week, she has been doing so well. Her seizures actually increased in the very beginning from 1 cluster a day to 2-3 cluisters per day, but in February they stopped! And haven't come back. :)

And because of this, she has been able to do so much more! She is rolling onto both sides, and rolling all the way over sometimes, making babbling/cooing noises, smiling so much and even laughing, sitting better and holding her head up better with help, lifting her head up and getting her body into a crunch from a laying position, eating a larger amount of baby food during her once daily oral feeding, and making eye contact and focusing on objects too. She still enjoys sucking/chewing on her fingers (especially her right hand) and has now found she can bite/chew on her shirt sleeve. She can even grasp a link and get in into her mouth to bite on for a short time. We are so proud!

Drew helped me make a special headband for Em for her big day. We punched out 100 hearts to decorate it and got everyone in the picture.
Hip hip hooray!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tee ball

Drew started Tee Ball a few weeks ago and LOVES it. He's about as (in)attentive as most of the first year players, but is so excited to wear a uniform and make a play. He has played in two games and his coach is an excellent teacher.
Personally, I love the noncompetitive nature at this age, but yesterday I watched Drew call strikes from right field on a girl who kept hitting the tee. After the third, he shouts, "Out! Three strikes!" and said something to the boy next to him. Then, he did a quick spin and started redigging the hole he'd been working on.

This is a rare photo of carter and Brenna NOT screaming and whining during the game. It was decided after the first game that Aimee and I would take turns going to the game and the other staying home with Emily and the Terrors.