Friday, April 23, 2010

Aimee and Drew head to LA

Aimee and Drew are in Califiornia. Aimee called around 8pm EST and they were on the way to the Hotel after an uneventful flight. Drew was acting crazy due to the time change and being cooped up so long on the flight plus the time change. Once Aimee learns their schedule for tomorrow, I'll post it.

Carter and Brenna played so nice outside this afternoon. It is cute to watch them interact without Drew. I seldom get to see and hear them have their little conversations. It's very sweet how much they truly love each other.

I baked chicken drumsticks for dinner since Drew is not a fan of chicken at all. I beleive his school journal included the following quip, "Chicken is good for some people. Chicken is not good for me." It is good for some people. Carter and Brenna both loved their first try at eating the chicken off the bone and did very well.

Phils are starting late tonight, so I'm off to watch that, then some rest. I have chocolate cake to make for breakfast if I want these kids to cope with the lack of Mommy and Drew another two days.


The Gustafson Family said...

I have been a follower of this blog for a long time. I followed Aimee's posting back on babycenter. Anyways...I live in California. It can be a crazy city. Just wanted to let you know you that if she needs anything or suggestions or gets lost...or has any questions...please feel free to contact me {stephanie(dot)gustafson(at)yahoo(dot)com}. You could check out my blog to verify that I am no weirdo! :) So fun and exciting..I voted for Drew!! Crossing my fingers that it goes well.

Anonymous said...

What a good Dad!!! Making the chocolate cake! Glad they had a good flight. xo Mom M.

Gee-off said...

There was no chocolate cake for breakfast, but I did make the monkey bread muffins that are becoming popular around here on weekends!

Thanks Stephanie for the comment, I'll be sure to let Aimee know!