Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday Night Update

Next Direct posted 6 photos from the competition yesterday and Drew is clearly visible in two of them.

I talked to Aimee late last night. After the activities and photoshoots, each of the groups of 10 went back to the hotel to meet with the judges. Each child was asked to introduce themselves to the judges. Aimee didn't think Drew spoke loud enough to be heard clearly, which probably wasn't the best impression... The good news is that the judges were in the dance class during the activities and Drew did do well following directions during the choreographed part. I'm sure he had lots of fun doing his own thing during the free dance time, too! He isn't necessarily a good dancer compared to the other kids (I figure most of these kids have pageant experience and dance classes) but he clearly enjoys it. Aimee said that one of the choreographers came all the way across the room to specifically tell Aimee that Drew was clearly having lots of fun and that we should persue that with him now while he is excited about it. (Yeah, like we can afford that!)

After they met with the judges, Aimee and Drew walked over to CitiWalk and met up with her cousin Ryan, his wife Marcie, and their boys. I think they had dinner and walked around, endlessly looking for the Hot Wheels Store which may or may not exist... Aimee promised me a call from Drew when they get up this morning. I'll update if there is anything to add.

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Jennifer said...

aww.. great pictures! Thanks for sharing.