Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Carter is home!

Brenna and Carter at home together

Carter comes home

Carter came home on Sunday after 22 days in the NICU! He is doing very well at home. It has been very busy with both babies at home, but we're enjoying it!!

Emily is continuing to make progress with her eating. For two days, she has been able to take 4 feeds by mouth and last night I got to feed her myself. We can't wait to get her home too!!


Kim said...

Oh Aimee and family! So glad that Carter has joined Brenna at home! You must be so busy! I cannot wait to meet them! Keep up the good work Emily!

Kim, Brian, Sean and Justin

Bolline Family said...

Love the pictures!! They look so good!

Rachel said...

They are adorable!!! So glad you have 2 home!
Rachel (from bbc)