Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sports fans!!

With baseball season winding down and football season getting started, the team spirit is high at our house.

Go Phillies!!

Go Eagles!!
(The girls at our house are fans too, we just don't have enough shirts to go around . . .yet!!!)


Kim said...

Yea for pictures! They look so great!Too funny screaming in for their baths! I cannot wait to see all three of them lined up in the tub!lol Yea for Emily too - 6lbs and 6 feeds! Go Emily! I cannot wait to meet them! If you ever need a sitter - I have experience -lol!


The Ingham Family said...

Aimee: They all look great! At our house it's the Bears vs the Vikings and the White Sox vs the Twins. Connor is a White Sox and a Vikings fan, so he has been pretty diplomatic about choosing sides! Emily looks great too and I'm so happy she's doing better with feedings. I hope she gets to come home soon!
Nancy (babycenter friend)