Friday, September 5, 2008

Down by the bay . . .

Well, there were no watermelons, but is was like going home! :) (I hope you know that song). When Meme, Pepe, Nicole, Joe, and Sierra were visiting we made a day trip to the "Bay Beach". It's a small strip of beach right on the Bay on Long Beach Island, and it's perfect for families with little ones. We used to go all the time as kids, so it was really nice to go now with our own kids!

Carter chillin'
Brenna sun-bathing
Daddy and EmilyDrew and Uncle Joe buliding a sand castle
Carter and Brenna actually EATING sand. Brenna only got a little but Carter kept going back for more!!!!!!
Emily had to stay in the shade
Smiley Sierra
We've had this pop up sun shade tent since Drew was a baby and it was handy at the Bay Beach. Carter loves peek-a-boo and got a kick out of this mesh window!
Meme, Pepe, and Drew under the pavillion

The Spiderman popsicle from the Ice Cream Man (and my favorite picture of the day)!!!!

I'm so glad my family was here so we had lots of extra hands. We did take the babies in the water and they liked it. Brenna crawled down to the edge and started right into the water herself as soon as we put her down!

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6 Monkeys and Me said...

love the beach pictures Aimee. The kids are adorable.