Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sweet Ride

So we bought this super cute Radio Flyer car. Carter thought it was awesome, Brenna loves to sit in it. No problems, right? No, there weren't any problems at all until Carter carjacked his sister. Our little dude, who is often pushed aside by his strong-willed sister, was having none of it, when he saw her having so much fun in the shiny convertible. He dragged her right out and tried to climb in. We determined that the 60% off price tag warranted one toy that didn't need to be shared. Now we have TWO super cute Radio Flyer cars. More to come on Emily's new ride.


Julia said...

too cute Aimee!! can't wait to see Emily's!

And you guys all look awesome in your Eagles gear (too bad it's not Colts gear, though!) ;)

Heather said...

LOL! You needed a 2-seater! Love that they are already wrestling each other! ;)

KRISTA said...

Too cute---I can hardly stand it!!!