Friday, September 5, 2008

The Other Side

As a Kindergarten teacher for seven years, I always knew it was hard for parents to watch their kids go off for their first day of school. I sympathized, assured them their child would be fine and would have so much fun. When I became a parent it helped me become a better teacher, to understand both sides of the story.

On Wednesday, it was my turn to be on the other side; a Mom sending her first born son off to school for the first day. Oh my, only those of you who have had to do this yet, will truly understand how it feels - almost too difficult to put into words. Now Drew has been in daycare and home daycare full time while I was still working for 2 years. He's been going to camp for the past 3 summers. He even went to a half day pre school last year for a few months while I was pregnant with the babies. So, it should've been easier. And Drew is very independent and excited about school and the bus, not scared at all. So that really helped. But I still couldn't help but feel like he's all grown up, he's going to be in real school now until he's 18 years old. It's so huge!! I'm proud of him, I'm excited for him, I know he's going to learn wonderful things, his teacher seems fabulous, and he'll make lots of friends, maybe even some that will last a lifetime.
I still had a lump in my throat, and butterflies in my stomach on Wednesday morning. Amazingly I didn't cry, and I cry at everything, but deep down I knew he'd be just fine. (Of course I cried later when I checked his backpack and found a poem about the book, The Kissing Hand, and had to make him a cut out of my hand for his cubby. If you've never read this book, check it out!)

He came home (after a ridiculously long bus ride - a story for another time . . .), so happy, telling stories of his day and the lump and butterflies subsided, a little. I guess they'll never really go away completely as he goes through each new phase of his life, huh?

We love you Drewie Caboodles!!!!
Here is Drew at his table on Orientation Day.

His teacher played the accordian (cool!) and they were singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

A trial ride on the bus (he wanted to ride by himself!)

The REAL First Day

(the bus came so early - 20 minutes early- we had to rush and I didn't get any other pictures! Wahhh!)

Bye buddy, love you!


DESJ and Company said...

I just wanted to leave you a comment. I also have 4 kids-a 10 year old boy and 6 year old triplets (BGB). My special needs guy is my 10 year old. I found you via TC.

You're an amazing mom-I enjoy reading your blog!

Also, you spell your name CORRECTLY-like my cousin!

Nice to "meet" you and your beautiful kids.

If you'd like to "meet" my kids, surf on over to


Aimee said...

Sara - Hi! I already checked out your blog! :) What a lovely family you have. Thanks for stopping by!

JSmith5780 said...

Congrats on being the parent of a school age kid! It's does make think about how quick they'll grow up though.

My poor kiddo had such a long ride home one day he peed his pants on the bus. 'Bout broke my heart he apologized so many times.

Hope your big boy does great!

Heather said...

Awww, I know how you feel! I'm so glad he liked school and the bus! They grow way too fast don't they?

Shanna Grimes said... cute! I know, it's so tough sending them off on the bus, but they are so ready, a lot sooner than we like to think they are.

Cute photos. I love the pics of them on the beach too. Too cute! Nice wheels too! They will be traveling in style!