Monday, March 29, 2010

Story Time and Outside Time

The weather has been either really great or really crummy, but the kids have fun either way. It's great to see them all outside, but we'll settle for storytime with Mom.

A day trip to Ocean City!

St. Patrick's day in the yard

Easter Egg hunt at the park

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Anlenie said...

Love the story time pictures, everyone looks so cute :)

Andrea said...

SOO cute! Everyone is getting so big!

Anonymous said...

its so nice to read your blog and see all your love for your daughter who has a 7,9 unbalanced translocation....i'm sure you do but I can't not help telling you: love her as much as you can!!we recently lost our daughter a day after she was born with a 7,9 unbalanced translocation, with breakpoints very close to those of your daughter..though we are aware that she could have had to face various difficulties, we still wish she was with us!!She's our first daughter.. I will try to keep in touch through this blog..I can't not think of your daughter when she shares such a close chromosomal set up like that of my daughter..hugs to all of you

Anonymous said...

I can't not comment after coming across your blog!I have recently lost my only daughter shortly after her birth due to a 7,9 unbalanced translocation with breakpoints very similar to those of your daughter...It's the first time I found someone with such a similar karyotype...I know you do, but can't help not telling you 'love your daughter as much as you can'...inspite of the difficulties my daughter could have had,i just wish she is still with us..I wish you all the best and lots of love!