Tuesday, August 7, 2007

32 weeks and 3,444 diapers!!

We are 32 weeks pregnant today!! I think the babies must be very comfy because they're showing no signs of coming out yet! Things could change quickly though. But Geeoff insists we're going to make it until August 24th (34 weeks 3 days). We'll see.

As for the 3,444 diapers, that is the current tally of diapers collected for us at Tall Pines Day Camp. Geeoff has been a counselor there for 12 years now and Drew is now a camper! They have generously decided to host a diaper derby for us, and the campers, parents, and staff have responded amazingly!! We can't thank them enough! By the way, that's 3,444 diapers in addition to the diapers that we have already accumulated (over 2000!). Thank you so much everyone!!

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