Thursday, August 30, 2007

Making wonderful progress!

Daddy and Emily

Mommy and Carter
Daddy and Brenna

Carter, Brenna, and Emily are doing so well in the NICU. Carter has been breathing room air since birth. Brenna needed to be on c-pap and Emily needed the ventilator for about one day and then moved up to the c-pap. They all had IVs for quite a few days which they moved from their arms to their legs, and Emily had to have hers in her head for a day or two so she wouldn't pull it out again!

After 2 days in the NICU, they were moved to the intermediate room, and after 10 days they were moved up again. They were holding their body temperatures well, so they got to ditch the isolettes and share an open crib together. They look adorable in there!! They have all started nursing and bottle feeding and are doing well with it. They are also wearing clothes now!

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