Sunday, August 12, 2007

Baby Update!

We had our latest growth ultrasound on Thursday, August 9th. The babies are looking and doing great!!

Baby A (boy) is 3lbs. 13oz.!
Baby B (girl) is 4lbs. 4oz.!
Baby C (girl) is 4lbs. 6oz.!

These are all approximate and not exact weights, but they should be pretty close. And the doctor says, by 35 weeks, they should all be over 5 pounds each. If we make it that far, they'll need little to no NICU time and should be able to come home with us!!

Their heartbeats were all strong, and their measurements were all in the normal range for 32 weeks. The specialist told us to go ahead and schedule our c section for sometime during the 35th week, which will be the week of August 27th!! My cervix is still long and closed too. All good signs for keeping these little ones cooking a while longer!

Diaper Derby Update: We now have over 4,000 diapers!!! Thank you everyone!

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