Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Day at CHOP

Just as we were about to be discharged yesterday afternoon, Emily started vomiting again. This time, the throwing up was proceded by a yucky cough. And I mean, the nurse was walking in with the discharge papers as she let it rip. :( That was around 4pm. She threw up a few more times before 7pm. Some of it had blood in it. So we had to stay the night.

They put her on just IV fluids and let her stomach rest until 10pm. Then they started her feeds again at a lower rate and since she was doing better (still coughing but no vomiting) they increased her rate every few hours until she reached her full rate. That was around 3:15 am, and she vomited again and then again, a LOT. :( Off the formula again, back on the IV only.

This morning at 8am, they gave her her medicines, started her back on some formula at a lower rate. No vomiting yet. But her 8am blood sugar was 30 (32 and 31 on rechecks), so now we need to worry about that. It needs to be over 45, and they would like it closer to 70!

My poor baby. I really would like to wave a magic wand, make her better and take her home.


Stephanie said...


I have been following your story and praying for your family!

Hang in there mama!

Anonymous said...

Aimee, I pray for all you guys each day. If I had that wand or knew how to get one I find it for you guys! Please please please let me know if there's anything I can do for you guys. Until then I pray for strength and healing for you all.--Jenn Kiskis Michel

Andrea said...

Saying prayers for Em!!!!

Anonymous said...

Little Miss Emily is in my prayers!