Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday - Checking In

Today is the day we are supposed to be leaving. All of Emily's new Keto friends have gone, but we, unfortunately, will be staying until tomorrow morning.

Emily had 1 low blood sugar last night, and 1 low blood sugar this morning, so they want to watch her for one more day. Endocrine has also been in with concerns about a low Vitamin D level. My feeling is that they seem to be saying that they are uncomfortable with her continuing on the diet because of the low blood sugars and vitamin D level. I'm not very patiently waiting for them to come back.

Emily did have 2 clusters of spasms last night, and so far 1 today.


Kim said...

Oh no! Hope the two of you get home soon and Em's blood sugars behave!!! We need to get together when you get home and settled again. It has been too long!

Marie said...

Hi Aimee and Emily,

We hope that they don't decide Emily has to come off of the diet. We hope everything regulates back for her!!

Marie, Tom, and Gracie