Monday, January 12, 2009

Checking in - Monday #2

Not much to add to the previous post.

I ate dinner.

I took Emily for a stroll in hallway, since this time, for the first time during a hospital stay, she doesn't have to be hooked up to the monitors! :)

In the hallway, I met 2 of the other Moms whom I had previously met at the Keto class in November. It was nice to see familiar faces.

We realized it will be a very early start.
They will be doing the IV before 6 am (since they did not put it in tonight), and getting the first blood draw at 6am.
We need to be ready to go by 7ish, so we can prepare for the first feeding at 8am.
Our first class with the nurse is at 10am.

I'll update again, sometime after noon tomorrow since the morning will be so busy.
Good night!


Gee-off said...

Good Luck, Girls! We miss you already!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Aimee and Emily,

We love you both so much! Hope everything goes well today. I will call you later.

Love and Kisses,

Mom and Dad xoxoxo

Kim said...

Hope all goes well for you and Em! Will be checking in to see your updates - and also excited to learn about something new!