Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CHOP (day 3) 6am

When I spoke to Aimee last night, Emily was tolerating her feeds at close to capacity. Her sugars were still jumpy and there seemed to be a short term solution on the horizon with the sugar water/apple juice.

Joe, Nicole, and Sierra made it yesterday to find one VERY excited Drew. They'll stay with the crew today and I'll fight my way back to work despite my bugger of a sinus infection.

The Neurologist came in to see Emily late yesterday afternoon to report the findings of the EEG. There was still sigificant hypsarhythmia, although these results were not yet compared to a previous scan to determine improvement. She comforted Aimee in the fact that Emily is doing more lately than before the diet, and that there is still more to learn.

These were not the results we were hoping for... The only thing this really tells us is there are more unanswered questions for Miss Emily.

Hopefully our girls will come home today... We surely miss them.

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