Friday, March 27, 2009

The latest from Sickyville!

Emily has continued to have terrible BMs (I just hate to say the "d" word over and over again!), today is day 15!! We can not do the typical BRAT diet (bananas, rice, apples, toast) because of the restrictions of the keto diet, and there are no medicines we can give right now either.

Our options right now are to:

1. Try feeding yogurt for her oral feed. BUT, she has been so sleepy and fussy there has not been a good night to even try starting the oral feeds again. I was hoping for tonight, but it was not a good one! :(

2. Since the BMs are becoming a bit less frequent, try to wait it out a few more days.

3. Have the stool tested for c diff. - I have my test vials ready and waiting for the next specimen! This could be treated with an antibitotic if positive.

Emily also started having elevated temperatures this morning and then later this afternoon, so I took her to see the pedi. She has also been extremely fussy, crying a lot, and today was the first day I have EVER carried her into the office screaming. She was screaming, not me! ;)

Her throat and left ear looked ok, her right ear was too blocked with wax to get a good look. :( Dr. K decided to get a catheterized urine sample to test for a UTI just in case, so I have those vials ready to bring to lab too. She is teething, and has about 4 teeth pushing through right now, 3 of which are molars. Darn teeth!

She is tolerating her full feeds on her regular schedule now - YAY!!! And her blood sugars are back up to normal levels too - Good news. Phew!

And then there's Carter. He went back to see the pedi on Tues. when his temp flew up to 103 out of nowhere. His right ear was mildly infected (just as it was 2 weeks ago to the day), but Dr. N said not enough for that high of a fever. So he probably has something else viral. (Which Emily could have too I guess) He is on another antibiotic, and already feeling better. No fever since Tuesday. He has been extremely clingy and whiny since the beginning of all this sickness. He has also had a few loose bms again, but maybe due to the antibiotic. Poor buddy.

And Drew. He had been doing great since he got through the stomach bug in 2 days like me. Today we had his follow up with the ENT. He has had two sets of tubes after having 10 ear infections in 5 months at one year old. He got the first set in 2005, and another set just before the babies were born in 2007. Well, this is the first we've been back for a follow up since then.
We did know from his check-ups with the pediatrician and the one ear infection he had in the fall that his right tube was already out and his left tube was getting ready to fall out.

When we got there, they brought us over to the audiology side to my surprise. They checked his ears by Tympanogram first and found there was negative pressure on both sides - not good. She did confirm that one tube was out and one tube was sitting in wax (ok, I'm not very good at cleaning their ears, I get it!!!!) Then we went to the sound proof room for the hearing test. He repeated all of the words she said through the headphones. I did hear him ask her "what?" once. And he raised his hand when he heard beeps. When she came in she said he showed mild hearing loss in his left ear. :( He never has before so I was very surprised.

When we saw the doctor, he did say the runny nose/cold that unfortunately just started today could be the reason for the test not going so well. He suggested we bring him back in 6-8 weeks for another check without a cold. And if it's still not looking good, he'll need another set of tubes and his adenoids out too.

Brenna is holding her own right now. She has had some loose bms again like Carter, but nothing else. She also was the only one to avoid vomiting during the stomach bug fiasco! Go girl, she is one tough cookie.

Please, please let this all be over soon!!!!!!


Rachel said...

OH Aimmee!!! BIG HUGS girl! I don't know how you do all that you do! I hope you all start feeling better soon!

Hope said...

Aimee, All that sounds exhausting. I hope you all feel better soon. Emily needs a break, poor baby. You've had your hands full, I hope you are doing okay.

Sandy said...

Goodness, I hope everything gets better for all of you soon! I'm sending some major positive thoughts your way!!

jenyphrc said...

Aimee- I'm so sorry you are going through this! Your exhaustion level must me through the roof! I hope everyone gets better very soon.. and as for the wax.. don't blame yourself. Some people produce more wax than others.. both my kids have lots of ear wax.. and our pedi told me NOT to try and swab it out, because it can push it in farther and cause problems. I just wait for it to fall out.

Vicky Jo said...

You are one tough cookie! The fact that you can deal with all this and still have a sense of humor is amazing... I would have caved a long time ago. You are an inspiration! I'm gonna keep sendign my thoughts and prayers your way - you all definitely deserve a break!

Kim said...

Oh no! Hope that you are all doing better now!