Sunday, March 15, 2009

Update: Back to CHOP


I'm back on my feet again, Aimee is back on her feet, Drew is back into the swing of things, and the crankiness continues among the little ones. Unfortunately, Emily has not been able to handle formula since Friday night.

We've had her on continuous water, to avoid dehydration. Aimee has been checking her blood sugar regularly and adding 8.5 mL of apple juice when needed to maintain Emily's blood sugar at an acceptable level until she could tolerate her feeds. This was basically the same thing we did last time she was refluxing and/or sick with stomach issues.

Unfortunately, the illness got the best of her and the on call doctor wanted her brought in to the ER this morning. Her blood sugar was at 28. They were admitted to 7 West this afternoon and will not be sent home until she can handle her feeds. As Aimee posted yesterday, Her family came down for a visit and is supposed to stay with us this week, so this is not a good week for her to be stuck in the hospital.

Meanwhile, the cranky Duo are on a nap strike since Mommy left the house. Hopefully they'll sleep well tonight.

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Hope said...

Poor Em. I'm praying for a quick recovery. You are all in my thoughts.