Monday, March 16, 2009

Update: CHOP (day 2) 8am

Aimee just gave me an update: Emily wouldn't tolerate formula feeds through the night, she kept throwing up. In order for her to get her entire feed over 24 hours she needs to eat at a rate of 45 mL/hr. She is currently handling 20 mL/hr without getting sick. The hope is to gradually increase during the day so she can eventually handle the full feed. Her blood sugar levels are still bouncing between 40-55, the goal is to maintain 50+.

Emily's room is on the neurology wing, so hopefully she can still see her Doctor today for her scheduled EEG and appointment. One of the fabulous nurses in charge of the ketogenic diet already stopped by to see her.


Anonymous said...

We love you Emily!!! You are in our prayers!

Love and Kisses,
MeMe and PePe xoxo

The Texas Trio said...

Our prayers are with you all.

Keep the faith,


PS My triplets are also very cranky, whiny and sick... I smell a conspiracy:)