Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally Home

We actually got discharged on Tuesday evening around 6:30. Emily had been doing great with her sugars at the hospital and had not thrown up. We got home just in time for her nightly meds and she immediately threw up! Then she threw up again about 2 hours later. :(

On Wednesday morning, her sugars were dropping again, even on the 24 hour feeding schedule. I called the hospital thinking we would have to go back, but by 2pm her sugars had come back up and no more vomiting.

Unfortunately, Nicole got sick Wednesday afternoon so she and Joe retreated back to Joe's brother's house so Sierra wouldn't get sick too. No such luck, Sierra started throwing up on the the way there and he got sick today! :( This thing is vicious! I feel terrible and I'm so sorry our visit got cut short due to this horrendous stomach bug.

We are finally starting to see less messy diapers from Carter and Brenna though. Gee-off, Drew and I have been feeling better for a few days now too.


jenyphrc said...

oh Aimee.. I am so sorry for you guys! I know you must be absolutely exhausted! I am wishing better health for you guys very soon... and take care of yourself!

Kim said...

Yuck! We have had the stomach thing three times this winter! What I wouldn't have done for a cough and a runny nose!!!

Vicky Jo said...

Aimee, I was so sad to come back and hear of all your troubles! You are definitely one strong woman! I certainly hope things start getting better. You're all in my prayers! (((hugs)))