Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Almost home

Emily took an ounce and a half of formula from a bottle yesterday!! Today, she was very sleepy and only took a little more more than half an ounce. But it is still progress.

They wanted to send us home today, but they need to do one more blood test at 3pm, and we need to get the supplies from the HomeCare company. They were supposed to come today, but they won't deliver the supplies unless Emily is actually home. So, it looks like we will ALMOST definitely go home tomorrow.

I was trained to place the NG tube and use the feeding machine - the machine pushes the food through the tube at a set rate for a set time. I actually placed a new tube in this morning. And they said I did a great job! But I still didn't like it.

I learned that the tube can stay in for up to 30 days before having to replace it. So as long as Emily behaves, and doesn't pull it out, I might not have to do it again. Of course, that's me being optimistic that she'll be eating well enough to come off of the tube within 30 days. But I think she can do it!!!

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