Monday, March 10, 2008

Teeny Weeny Baby Steps

So, Emily started to suck on my finger yesterday!! And then she went on to take about half of an ounce of water - a little bit at a time - from a bottle! We tried again today and she sucked on my finger and took some water from the bottle again. So we are headed in the right direction. Under the direction of the speech therapists at CHOP, we are using only water for now. In case she gets some in her lungs, it won't be formula.

Oh, and I've seen some smiles here and there today too. Yay! She even followed one of her toys with her eyes tonight when I came back from going home for dinner and she was awake and waiting for me.

She is still getting her formula through a feeding tube and will be going home with it. I will get trained tomorrow on how to place the tube myself. Do I get my nursing certification yet?? I'm scared to do it, but the nurse said one tube can stay in for a long time before replacing it if she doesn't pull it out. That's the good news.

The bad news - she pulled out her first tube after only one day!!!!! Sneaky girl - we now have a little hospital sock over her right hand so she can't snag the tube with her fingers. But she still tries!

Good night!

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Kim said...

Great news. So glad Emily made some improvement and you got to see some smiles! I will give you a nursing award! It is amazing what moms can do when they have to!